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Just Jack!

Name: Matthew Purosky
Nickname(s): Matty, Matty-chan (if you're my friend), Matty-kun (if an acquaintance), Matty-san, Matty-sama (to those who consider me of greater respect), Sweetie, and many more
Birthdate: October 4, 1989
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet flat

Hobbies: TV, internet
Talents: Running, mathematics, astronomy
Likes: My fandoms and my friends, monkeys, hugs, kisses, getting complimented, making cheese sandwiches, making friends, people who are themselves and don't care what others think of them, people who tell me that I'm myself and like/love/w/e me for me, people who know what I mean when I say "I love you" or "I like you", etc.
Dislikes: People disrespectful of other's times, spaces, and opinions

Strong Points: I am very willing
Weak Points: I get mad when interrupted

Favourite Food: Fried chicken
Favourite Color: Red
Favourite Animal: Monkey
Favourite Sport: Does running count?
Favourite TV Genre(s) Magical girl shows (they're basically their own genre globally)
Favouirite Music Genre(s) Don't have a particular one
Favourite Will & Grace Character (Main or Recurring) and why?: Jack, he's the main reason I watch the show - he's part of showing how gays are accepted in society, and when I lost interest in the show a few months ago, his "Stake it" and "Stake it UK" lines got stuck in my head for weeks reminding me what's good about it.

Leader or Follower? Depends
Confident or Shy? Depends on whom I'm talking to
Optimistic or Pessimistic? Optimistic
Cool and Collected or Emotional? Emotional

Words that best describe you: Sweet and caring, as some say
Photo or brief description of yourself: Image hosted by ImageHost.org

How did you hear about this community? I made it
Anything else? Ask and I'll tell

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