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"You'll be coming to my show right? Just Jack "

Name: Krystal
Nickname(s): Albert, Terra, Batgirl
Birthdate: 07/19/89
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5 foot 4 inches

Hobbies:Hanging out with my friends, talking on the phone, reading, dancing, meeting new people, and playing on the computer
Talents: Writing, convincing people to do wht I want, and wood work
Likes: anime, manga, tv, internet, phone, talking, friends, music, sex in the city, and shopping
Dislikes: people who are fake, and whistling

Strong Points: If I belive in something I am not backing down. I belive in people know matter what! I am good at writing.
Weak Points: I belive in people to much sometimes.

Favourite Food: Japenese, Chiniese, Italin
Favourite Color: green, blue, purple, and black
Favourite Animal: llama
Favourite Sport: Football
Favourite TV Genre(s) Comedy/Romance
Favouirite Music Genre(s) Classical, Punk, Metal, and Country (everything)
Favourite Will & Grace Character (Main or Recurring) and why?: I like Karen, she is not afraid to tell you what she is thinking about. She doesn't take crap from anyone, and she doesn't really care what you think!

Leader or Follower? Leader
Confident or Shy? Confident
Optimistic or Pessimistic? Optimistic
Cool and Collected or Emotional? Emotional

Words that best describe you: sweet, stubborn, your mothers child, annoying
Photo or brief description of yourself: Chubby, with shoulder length copper color hair that angles into the face. Semi-short with blue green eyes.

How did you hear about this community? Will & Grace interest serarch
Anything else? I love this show!
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Wow, so many Karens.

BTW, Batgirl and Batman rock... *click user info* Sanrio, Teen Titans, Harry Potter, and hugs? Can we be friends? And I'll also give you a *hug*.

*looks again*

Okay, before you get all clickey happy and add me, know that all of my entries are friends only. Most of the time, its mainly me bitching about how not enough of my friends understand my passion for Inu Yasha, or whatever anime/manga I've been loveing this week. I'm on Live Journal to make friends! Friends are one of lifes most important blessings in my opion. Now just know that when you press that buton, your going to go throw a few days/weeks (depending on how much you update/are on aim, or msn) where I will question you to get to know you. I hardly ever cut people unless they insult me or one of my friends (again friends uber important). Now I know that may be alot, so give me a hug on think about it... lol

OMG! I'm like that too! I always talk about anime that I get into! Not fond of Inuyasha though, most of my anime are magical girl like Sailor Moon, Ojamajo Doremi, Tokyo Mew Mew, Futari wa Pretty Cure, etc. I'm here to make friends too! I agrre about that, and I like to get to know them too (but through memes), and I hardly cut people either, and I hugged you in your user info! I simply must be friends with you! What do you say? *holds hand out*

I'll add you!
I think you're more of a Jack than anyone else. :)
I'd say Jack as well ;)

Jack I like Karen to.
Just Jack!