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"Just Jack!"

Name: Marie
Nickname(s): God...there's so many! Taz, 'Rie, Chandler (because like the character on Friends, I'm sarcastic, funny and a little neurotic)....and this is just the tip of the iceburg. LOL

Hobbies:Photography, graphic desgin, going to Philly with my friends
Talents:Graphic desgin, bitching, making jokes
Likes: Music (Lifehouse, Elton John, Maroon 5, Sugar Ray, Rolling Stones), books by Candace Bushnell, Quriky comedy films (Fools Rush In, The Whole Nine Yards, Airplane!, Serving Sara, O Brother Where Art Thou?), sleeping in on weekends
Dislikes:Ingnorance, lies

Strong Points:I'm creative & funny.
Weak Points:I'm always sarcastic and can be flighty and scatterbrained at times.

Favourite Food:General Tso Chicken
Favourite Color: Red & Black
Favourite Animal:pugs (think the dog from MIB)
Favourite Sport:Hockey
Favourite TV Genre(s)Comedy & Drama. I also watch documetary type reality TV shows
Favouirite Music Genre(s)Adult alternative & classic rock
Favourite Will & Grace Character (Main or Recurring) and why?:Geez...I can't pick one! My #1 favorite is Karen because she's funny & sassy. I also like Jack because he so reminds me of my favorite uncle in the sense that he's funny and always fun to be with.

Leader or Follower?Leader
Confident or Shy?A little of both
Optimistic or Pessimistic?I try to be optimistic
Cool and Collected or Emotional?both

Words that best describe you:Funny, quirky, creative, scatterbrained, sarcastic, a little flighty.
Photo or brief description of yourself:

How did you hear about this community?Did an LJ search on communities with Will & Grace as an intrest.
Anything else? Naah...I think I covered it.
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