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Just Jack!

Birthdate:Dec. 19
Height:5 feet 3in.

Hobbies:Darwing, wrighting, taking quizs, makeing dolls, doing Math
Talents:Darwing, wrighting, takeing pictures, singing, doing Math
Likes:animals green day parties anime grey's anatomy photography anime icons harry potter photoshop anime pictures hello kitty picking scabs animes horseback riding pictures art horses pokemon brownies house md purple cows cartoons hugh laurie quotes cats icons sailor moon chocolate little cartoons scrubs computers long-sleeved shirts under short-sleeved shopping cows malls taking pictures dr. gregory house manga tenchi muyo drawing movies throwing pots dreams mp3s tiger eating music tokyo mew mew eating out names video games evanescence navy yami yugi exercising ncis yu-gi-oh fairies night time yugi fan fiction notebooks zach braff fanart optical illusions zodiac full moon wo sagashite paper clips
Dislikes:My Borther and hospitals

Strong Points:Darwing, wrighting, takeing pictures, singing, doing Math
Weak Points:Acting, seplling

Favourite Food:Ice Carme
Favourite Color:Light Blue
Favourite Animal:Cat, Tiger or pengen
Favourite Sport:Soccer
Favourite TV Genre(s)Darma, comedy and medical-drama
Favouirite Music Genre(s)Rock, Punk and Pop
Favourite Will & Grace Character (Main or Recurring) and why?:Karen walker, She's so cool.

Leader or Follower?Leader
Confident or Shy?Shy
Optimistic or Pessimistic?Pessimistic
Cool and Collected or Emotional?Cool and Collected I try not to show emotion.

Words that best describe you:Cazy, annoying, fun, sad
Photo or brief description of yourself:Image hosting by Photobucket

How did you hear about this community? On winx_beauty
Anything else?Zach Braff is Hot!
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