Carl (scififan151852) wrote in wandg_rating,

Name: Carl
Nickname(s): The Xan-Man
Birthdate: 19th August 1989
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6''

Hobbies: Internet, films, making icons, playing dodgeball, watching will and grace ;), doing stupid online quizzes
Talents: I speak portuguese (fluently), spanish (almost-fluently), french (half-fluently) and Italian (hardly-fluently)
Likes: Films, my fandoms, open-minded people, music, musicals, my dog, french, sarcasm etc.
Dislikes: closed-minded people, any kind of phobia, when my computer breaks down on me.

Strong Points: Forgives easily and is easily amused.
Weak Points: Also easily annoyed/frustrated.

Favourite Food: Anything with cheese
Favourite Color: Green/black
Favourite Animal: Snake
Favourite Sport: Dodgeball or Cycling
Favourite TV Genre(s) Cult and Sci-Fi and Documentarys
Favouirite Music Genre(s) Rock
Favourite Will & Grace Character (Main or Recurring) and why?: Will. Why? well...he's cute

Leader or Follower? Bit of both. Usually Loner.
Confident or Shy? Bit of both, usually acts as the former.
Optimistic or Pessimistic? bit of both, and again usually acts as the former
Cool and Collected or Emotional? Cool and collected...but I have my moments.

Words that best describe you: something along the lines of 'wtf?'
Photo or brief description of yourself: In all my photos I am hiding. Well I have short dyed-black hair with the blonde roots showing, blue eyes and wear glasses. I usually prefer to wear black. Occasionally slightly gothic looking. Leather is my friend.

How did you hear about this community? Stumbled upon it off a friend's lj.
Anything else? Just ask.
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